Club, Retail, Hotel, Hostel Scenario:

It is a known fact that the longer a customer stays or frequents your business the more the customer will spend.

Moreover if you provide us with advertising material we will design a screen saver so that when you are closed the kiosk can be placed by a convenient window for passing trade to view.

Let’s suppose you operate one LoungeTec Internet Kiosk and it is used 50% of the time whilst your premises are open and trading 12 hours per day 7 days per week.

You will need an area 1m by 1.5m (inclusive of chair) floor space, an ADSL connection ($30 per month), and nearby phone and power point.

At just $1 per 10 minute session each kiosk would generate $252 cash per week

1 Kiosk per Week

1 Kiosk per Month

1 Kiosk per Year



$12096 per year.


Potentially 1 LoungeTec Kiosk:



25% of gross takings



100% of gross takings, less $11 per day administration




NB 2 kiosks would double these estimates but it would require purchase of a router and cabling ($200 approx)