LoungeTec provides and installs Internet Access Kiosk points for many types of businesses … hotels, motels, hostels, clubs, convenience stores, malls, bus terminals etc

LoungeTec Internet kiosks are stylish and attractive and are an asset to your business’s foyer or public access area. They provide a service that people need almost daily, especially if they are away from home or work. Moreover, having a kiosk in your complex may encourage your customers to stay longer and make further purchases from your business

With various colour options LoungeTec Internet Access Kiosks blend easily with your décor thereby enhancing any area where you place them. Your success with an Internet Kiosk is our success. Thus we offer FREE tech support and work with you to understand how the new Internet kiosk can best be implemented to benefit your business.


Key Benefits:

Fully managed service gives you peace of mind
Easy to set up and maintain, minimal staff (if any) required
User friendly interface, no IT knowledge required
24hr 7days internet access and advertising facility
Statistics feed back (usage and performance) for profit monitoring


Key Features:

Coin (cash!!!) operated!
3 Models (Pedestal, Desk Top and Wall Mounted).
Several colours to matching your décor or choice.
Variable timer, default is timed at $1.00 for 10 minutes.
Potentially takings can be $6.00 per hour ($60 per day or $21,900 per year).
No technical support costs, No maintenance cost, No Insurance.
Lease with options available or purchase outright
No long agreement (3,6,12 month)