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To Prospect Business Owners


Lounge Tec are offering Free Installation of our coin operated Internet Kiosk’s. Valued at $2,500.00 per unit.  

You the customer will receive 25% Of Revenue charged at $1 for 10 minutes Internet access. This means that every customer that uses our Internet Kiosk will be putting money into your business. 

Also we are offering 25% Of All Advertising that is referred to us from you, the customer, as weekly revenue. This means that you will not only take revenue from the machine but also the advertising that is displayed upon it. 

Our coverage is of National proportion thus giving you the power to Advertise on any Kiosk around Australia. This could mean BIG business too you.  Also as part of having this service in your business we provide you with advertising constantly for your business whether it be your items on sale or simply your business logo THE CHOICE IS YOURS! 

What We Provide:

·        The Internet Kiosk

·        Maintenance and Support

·        Advertising for your Business 

What You Provide:

What have you got to lose   NOTHING!!!!!

What do you have to gain    MONEY!!!!!