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Dayal Mansukhani

Mob: 00614 15 942 650 RO 00617 55311134 F 00617 55311135  AND

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11, Loweana Street,Southport 4215, Gold Coast, QLD.

 This property has three offers :

1. 20-25 years of long lease.

2. Freehold , or

3. Joint venture developing

361 sq. mt lot no. 4 workshop available. Short lease available.

                                                    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:


Good Luck Holdings Industrial estate: Lot 6 S 182115
Third Age Living Solutions - Polymedic 397-401 Nerang Road, Ashmore
(Next to Bulletin Newspaper) Gold Coast, Qld 4214

This property has land of council next to it. If anyone has the power then he can take the land in long lease. If retirement village is reconstructed then the council’s land can be taken as park. Anybody interested visit the area.

Total Site Area: 8736 sq.m; Existing development: 2242 sq.m. Balance is available.
Zoning: Industry 1 (High Impact). Height: 3 story permitted (somebody told me)



 I have mentioned address and lot no. Anyone interested can verify from GC Council. I am uneducated and new to this country and don’t know country’s rule and regulation which changes often. This information is what I have heard. It is better to verify from GC council.

Built Up area : 5 lot.  2 lot already vacate, 27 one office lease is available. Another 361 sq. mt. Lot no.4,  vacate. Anybody want short lease contact us.

3 tenants are now in the property. but  

Mr. Stewart McKayPolymedic   Address 1/  GROUND 445 Mezzanine Floor309

 Fax no: 55971147 Tele no: 55393633  Email:                             

  Above is the ex-landlord. His lease will expire on March, 2006. but lease already breached and anytime the land can be vacated on short notice.                                                
S.A.T Civil Constructions, 2 GROUND Floor  619

Fax no: 55975322 Tele no: 55975199/5023  Email:


The expiry is on February 2006. He also breached the lease. Anytime the place can be vacated


Molectra Technologies Pty Ltd Add:3 GROUND Floor 604+58+Mezzanine Floo62 +22X25

Fax no: 55975333 Tele no: 55975533 Email:,


The above’s lease is not registered since March 2002. Lease has expired.


A R T -WAYNE 0414699979, JAMES 0419759566  55278662.F 55278983  361


Above has already vacated. This market rate of this area is $90 to $120 /mt sq. This built up area 2242 sq.m plus mezzanine floor of 309 sq mt and 62 sq. Mt.  Rent can be obtained accordingly. Another above 5000 sq. Mt. Land available


Permitted/Self assessable uses: Bulk garden supplies, industry, motor vehicle repairs, service station, storage, service industry group B, veterinary clinic, warehouse.
Code assessable uses: car park, fuel depot, service industry group A, take away food premises. This report is of August 2002. Now more facility.
Impact assessable uses: convenience shop, manufacturer’s shop, plant hire premises.

This property is on the main road, and it is 1.5 km's from Ashmore city. There are no shopping centres and retail shops around this area, even though there are residences around the same location.
I am inviting all those who are interested in investing on a joint venture on my property land here. I want to build an underground parking on my land so that I can use all the land to build on the ground level. I want to be a part of a venture which can provide opportunities for a shopping complex, something that consists of a few retail outlets, bank branches, convenience stores, and also other small stores.

If anyone is interested in working on a partnership/profit share basis, contact me on my cell or at my office. All builders, investors, architects, and others are asked to help come up with ideas for this property. Banks are ready to give loans on such a venture. Any architect can make a proposal and advertise for it beforehand, and we can pre-sell all of this. There can easily be a three storey shopping center built here.

I am also inviting all real estate brokers for this opportunity on the above mentioned property. You can find me an investor, and I will compensate the broker with an agency contract. We can also negotiate on a commission for this project.
Whichever broker introduces me to the potential investor, will have to right to ask for commission once the project is finalized. I am not giving any one person sole agency. Whoever manages to close the deal according to my liking, will claim the commission.

Note: I am willing to sell this land freehold, at a good price.

I am ready to negotiate on all counts. It may take time, but something will be finalized.


Built up area is only 2242 Sq

GROUND Floor 32+361+619+ 604+58+445 Mezzanine Floor309+62


Behind this property lies Bulletin News paper parking area and on the right side lies empty city council property. For clear picture of the property please visit the property location



Develop building information


Polymedic   Mr. Stewart McKay Address 1/397 – 401 Nerang Street Ashmore Queensland – 4214.Fax no: 55971147 Tele no: 55393633 Email:




S.A.T Civil Constructions, 2 GROUND Floor  619

Fax no: 55975322 Tele no: 55975199/5023  Email:



 Molectra Technologies Pty Ltd Add:3 GROUND Floor 604+58+Mezzanine Floo62 +22X25

Fax no: 55975333 Tele no: 55975533 Email:,

604+58 = 662 X 100 = 66200+

Mezzanine= 62 X 40    =    2480

22X25   = 550X50    =    27500

 96180 + GST 9618 =     105798




A R T -WAYNE 0414699979, JAMES 0419759566  55278662.F 55278983





 Tenant’s lease evidence. Already expired and vacated.



Molectra Technologies Pty Ltd Add:3/397-401Nerang Street,Ashmore,Queensland- 4214.

Fax no: 55975333 Tele no: 55975533 Email:,


Letter confirms there is no lease after 2002 with Goodluck.






Expiry lease evidence.






S.A.T Civil Constructions, 2/397–401 Nerang Street Ashmore, Queensland 4214.

Fax no: 55975322 Tele no: 55975199/5023  Email:

Lease expired and breached the lease. Have more evidences with me.